Decorative lintels for windows

If your lintel is decorative, you may have more costs than if you have a simply functional lintel. Call for information and samples of our blended colors. There is a space at the top that has a brace that runs horizontally. A guide to effective specification and correct installation of steel lintels. We offer several different types and styles as well as colors and finishes. It can be a rcc,stone, wood or steel depending upon the opening size and design. Precast concrete lintels are an excellent solution in providing economical and robust masonry support over door and window openings. Artificial stone heads lintels eccles stone limited. If your concrete lintel is suffering from horizontal cracks then you need to deal with the crack itself. These should be used in conjunction with either a structural metal lintel below e.

See more ideas about windows and doors, concrete lintels and masonry. The trim as wrapped around the front and the sides so the seam was completely hidden. Olde good things antique windows and stained glass collection works with modern and antique finishes in any commercial or residential building. Lintel designing buildings wiki share your construction industry knowledge. Pre cast artificial stone mouldings by john fausset ltd. Cast iron, forged steel, and aluminum decorative items all available to ship today if ordered by noon. Southwest design with artificial beams faux wood workshop. Well, that is a decorative lintel and rigger construction co. Although they are always hidden beneath plaster and paint, a key feature of any building is the lintels.

This lintel can be infilled with brick or can be expressed on the exterior with a decorative cornice. New old house 2008 award for residential architect steve chambers double doors flanked by lanterns. Concrete surrounds concrete lintels concrete sills. These are nonstructural decorative features that enhance the visual appearance of a project. Our pre cast artificial stone lintels, mullion windows, window cills, frames, quoins, pier tops portico entrances ballustrades corbels and decorative art stone or concrete mouldings will add value and appeal to a custom built house building project. Artificial stone heads lintels we can manufacture heads to suit all applications metric, imperial or rendered blockwork. Residential windows emphasized verticality through the use of wide vertical mullions and thin horizontal muntins. These are concrete blocks, reinforced with steel rebar, that sit above windows, doors and any gaps in the bricks. If you need to improve or redecorate your house or flat, then you can take a look at the inexpensive lintels for sale in various configurations on ebay. Have you ever stood above a doorway or window sill and marveled how gorgeous and ornet the woodwork above it it. Architectural detail in brickwork on library building, easingwold, yorkshire, uk. Window and door heads and lintels procter cast stone. They are reinforced and weight bearing and can be used in all types of window. These specific lintels were used for structural support and for decorative purposes.

Common window pane configurations in the italianate style were twoovertwo and fouroverfour. In architectural terms, lintels can execute a number of tasks, from being purely ornamental to adding actual supportive integrity to the design. It can be a decorative architectural element, or a combined ornamented structural item. See also the sloped sill dimensions page, sloped sill with flat dimensions page, decorative sill dimensions page, and chamfered sill dimensions page pricing does not include shipping. Is there any way to skim bricks and put them over the lintels. Modern homes dont need these design features, but you can add the look and feel of them with the headers mentioned above. Our cast stone heads perform the same function a structural lintel.

Enter your address to find the closest store or search by province, city or store name. Rockcasts custom cast stone series is available in custom sizes to meet your design needs. Window breast, decorative lintel, and steel angle replacement. Can this plan create problems since the lintels will be attached to a different floor beam than the masonry on either side of the window. Lintels lintel beams, window lintels travis perkins. Frequently, lintels are made using curved steel angles, or rolled tees. At that time, lintels served a very practical purpose. Overall costs will be the main focus of the estimate. Traditional keystone lintel features can also be created from our stock range simply by adding a stone keystone to the central section of these decorative lintels. Catnic or ig or a prestressed concrete lintel above if.

This is the focus of our guide you can jump to how to install helical bars to find out more. The specialists at restaureaction are capable of replacing all types of window breasts and lintels, whether theyre concrete or natural stone, with new ones with. See more ideas about windows and doors, concrete lintels and masonry construction. Modern architectural and decorative mouldings, modern wall skirting boards. Our cast stone lintels are produced in two basic thicknesses and heights to suit different walling applications. Repairing brick lintels and brick flat arch lintels is easy with helical bars. The design of the siegel residence called for curved lintels over many of the windows and doors.

Apex design lintels for triangular or diamond shaped openings. Window lintel replacement cost what is a lintel anyway. Cast stone lintels for windows or doors for sale from stock across uk in bath stone buff coloured reconstituted stone. Explore our wide range of lintel beams, including window and door lintels.

It is frequently used over windows and doors, both of which represent vulnerable points in a buildings structure. We design and make decorative heads and structural lintels for doors and windows from natural stone. After recently discovering that not a single door or window in my house 19 built, solid wall actually has a lintel on the external skin mostly timber and a couple of concrete on the inner skin ive started replacing the soldier bricks fitted in the 70s currently sat on the windows doors on the side and rear of the house with reinforced. Keystone brick feature lintels are a one piece prefabricated unit, manufactured bespoke to order, achieving even the most challenging architectural designs. Cast stone window lintels, door heads from stock addstone.

It is often found over portals, doors, windows and fireplaces. Ublocks lintel blocks setup in position, then filled with concrete and rebar. Lintel repair installing and repairing window lintels. But unlike stock lintels, this wonderfully textured and pigmented product will match the. At the top of the storefront and the bottom of the second floor, there is a structural member of steel or wood which supports the upper facade. If you are looking for stone window sills or stone lintels we would like to offer you a.

Lintels can provide you with easy ways to add some decorative trim and wall support to the doors or windows in your home. A lintel is a structural horizontal support used to span an opening in a wall or between two vertical supports. The windows are a relatively wide 12 feet and we would like to hang the window lintels from the floor above. Supporting lintels are a little bit complicated and often requires scaffolding to be used for the support when removal of the old lintel is being done and. The lintels act as weightsupporting bridges, allowing the contractors to place bricks above a large gap. Windows, doorways and archways in southwestern homes used wooden lintels to support their weight. When holes were made in buildings for windows and doors, the strength of these areas was reduced. Lintel is a horizontal building component that lies across an opening and holds the weight of the structure above it. Although the lintels that are seen on buildings today do provide at least some support, they are valued more for their decorative and aesthetic attributes. Steel lintels and the american palace of versailles the. Add a unique edge to your home or restoration project with lintels from a time gone by.

Like so many other architectural elements that are still extensively used today, lintels were first developed and used by the ancient greeks. Olde good things antique window collection includes a multitude of styles including classic, gothic, queen anne, industrial and tudor, to add character to your restoration project. Keystone provides a technically advanced solution for an extensive range of brick slip installations including arches, panels, soffits and architectural features. A lintel is a horizontal member that spans over the openings, over portals, doors and windows between two vertical supports or walls. Diy lintel molding so easy sweet pickins furniture. Click and collect in 1 hour or enjoy free uk delivery on orders over %pound.

Apex arch lintel catnic special triangular window lintel. Lintels for above windows and doors providing structural. Next, i added a small piece of decorative trim to cover the middle seam. A lintel is a horizontal member and structural window component. Skip to main content skip to main navigation covid19 update. They are essentially load bearing structures made from timber, steel, concrete or other types of stone. King stone uses two distinct manufacturing processes. Lintels, the horizontal beams placed above these openings, were necessary to support the structure.

We also manufacture bespoke products to match existing work. Lintel can be a loadbearing, a decorative architectural element, or a com. Olde good things selection of prewar and turn of the century lintels add support and charm to doors and windows. Im planning on fitting some fancy cast stone lintels which will be on show on the 4 large windows at the front 2. Heavy ornamental lintels further highlighted the windows, and projecting bay windows also became popular during this period. It is generally placed between two vertical supports. Once dry this solid beam becomes a lintel for use over windows, doors, even doublegarage doors. Catnic or ig or a prestressed concrete lintel above if the finish permits e. Nineteenth century historic preservation education. Window head is the single stone which spans the aperture above a window.

We can also do custom precast work on front doors or windows if you would like to design your own profile. You will also need to look at the decorative lintels. This enables king stone to manufacture exactly to customer requirements, and offer the widest range of products available. Hanging window lintels concrete construction magazine. A window head is the single stone which spans the aperture above a window, and a door head spanning the aperture above the door. Lintels are additional supporting structures, which are found above doors and windows. Once considered an essential building element, lintels were predominantly aesthetic and have largely fallen out of favor with modern architects. You will see the familiar rectangular shape of the window. Blue decorative window sill bricks full set window01. As part of our 60s house modernisation we will be replacing all existing windows, but are wondering how we can hide the white concrete lintels that sit above the windows.

We also manufacture selfsupporting flat gauged brick. Decorative lintels our cast stone lintels are produced in two basic thicknesses and heights to suit different walling applications. Window and door heads and lintels a window head is the single stone which spans the aperture above a window, and a door head spanning the aperture above the door. The last part of the molding, is to add a piece of decorative crown molding to cap off the top. Steel lintels, plastering accessories, expanded metal, building products and fence support posts from catnic. In general, color schemes for wall and major decorative trim or details should be kept simple. Purely decorative lintels can easily be replaced and simply taken down and replaced with a new decorative lintel. Lintels are also commonly found in engineering loci outside of. Shallow decorative range of balconies for french windows.

Lintels are generally used for loadbearing purposes, but they can also be decorative. Modern architectural and decorative mouldings, modern wall skirting boards, modern. The cost of what labor and manpower, supplies, and permits are the bulk of the estimate. Window surrounds or stone moldings concrete lintels and sills can add elegance to any home. Supporting lintels from the floor above can cause cracks to form in the masonry near.

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