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Dendrobium kingianum tissue culture propagation tissue. Dendrobium kingianum is found in both northern and southern areas and thus has two different clones, a tall clone which is the most common one in culture and a short clone which gives more compact plants. One plants from that earlier cross is the awarded dendrobium kingianum tridents baby fccaos click for photo which was the first fcc in the aos system for this species. Dendrobium kingianum is an extremely easy orchid that anyone can grow. Dendrobium kingianum at santa barbara orchid estate. How to grow dendrobium orchids planting and care guide. In 1863, captain grant, author of the book orchids of burma, was on orchid safari for a very elegant little dendrobium that had attracted his attention by being worn in the hair of the burmese girls at moulmein. It is a fastgrowing orchid that tolerates a wide range of conditions, making it perfect for the beginning orchid grower. It comes from eastern australia where it can handle temperatures near freezing in the winter, and near triple digits in the summer. Flowers are white through shades of pink, purple or red and have broad segments with a. Dendrobium kingianum dark pink, called pink rock orchid or captain kings dendrobium is native to eastern australia. It is popular in australian native horticulture and is a commonly cultivated.

The pseudobulbs grow to 30cm by 2cm with 2 to 7 apical leaves 10cm by 2cm. Dendrobium kingianum temperature tolerant with a smell as sweet as honey. Moth orchids need regular watering, enough so that they dont dry out between applications. One of our hardiest orchids, this australian species is a prolific grower and great bloomer. Easy growing fragrant orchid dendrobium kingianum live. Jazzy amaos this is a remake of this cross made several years ago. Dendrobium kingianum is a miniature species staying less than 12 tall. Pseudobulbs are up slender, up to 35 cm long with a thick base. It is a very large genus, containing more than 1,800 species that are found in diverse habitats throughout much of south, east and southeast asia, including china, japan, india, the philippines, indonesia, australia, new guinea, vietnam and many of the islands of the pacific. You will receieve a live dendrobium kingianum growing in a 1 plug of moss, and appropriatesized pot, and enough highquality new zealand sphagnum moss to plant it up. Flowers occur on stems from the top of each pseudobulb in racemes of 2 to 15. Recently there has been a proposal to transfer this species and those related to it to a new genus, thelychiton, although it remains to be seen if this name change will be accepted. I purchased this orchid a few months ago, but never repotted it. Media in category dendrobium kingianum the following 57 files are in this category, out of 57 total.

The dendrobium kingianum is a pretty little species which can prove to be quite difficult to bloom. Kings dendrobium governor new south wales 1800s the pink rock orchid. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. If the orchid shown above is not named correctly, and youre absolutely sure, please fill in the correct name in the box below. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required.

Pink rock orchid or captain kings dendrobium dendrobium kingianum single flower emj5rh from alamys library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. The cool climate dendrobium kingianum syn thelychiton kingianum or pink rock orchid is an easy care orchid. Dendrobium kingianum, commonly known as the pink rock orchid, is a flowering plant in the orchid family orchidaceae and is endemic to eastern australia. Dendrobium kingianum albert west this is a famous oldtime variety of one of our favorite species, the very hardy dendrobium kingianum. Its range is along the coastal strip from the hunter river in new south wales to rockhampton in queensland. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Orchids tillandsia fertiliser potting materials books shippings costs sales conditions. The flower stem grows to 15cm with up to 15 flowers 30mm across. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. It grows exclusively on rock faces or among the decaying leaf litter in rock crevices. It is a neat, compact, attractive plant, even when not in bloom, and it is easy to grow and rewards one with an array of beautiful. Kingianum is called the pink rock orchid, because like most orchids it is an epiphyte which means it grows on other plants and sometimes rock surfaces rather than soil, and also because of its pink to white color. Keep plant totally dry during the winter for many fragrant flowers in early spring, then.

This lithophyte forms large clumps on rocks in open forest around brisbane. Wilford neptune although i grow 155 genera, this is my favorite of all the orchids. Thelychiton kingianus is native orchid in australia and is most commonly called the pink rock orchid or the small rock orchid this species occurs naturally along eastern australia from just above newcastle to the. Flowers are small and white with green throats and run down the length of the cane. Dendrobium kingianum albert west at santa barbara orchid. Orchitime bark 20 litres size 810 mm 15,00 rain mix 400 gr 10,00 dendrobium kingianum den124 inferno amaos x karl marx amaos origin. Dendrobium kingianum is usually a lithophyte growing on rocks but can sometimes be found as an epiphyte growing on another living plant, but not parasitic in nature.

Orchitime bark 20 litres size 810 mm 15,00 rain mix 400 gr 10,00 dendrobium kingianum den123 black beauty x inferno amaos. Dendrobium kingianum which is now known as thelychiton kingianus or the pink rock orchid is a very dainty, clump forming epiphytic orchid. Each plug contains several canes, and are large enough to bloom the following spring. Dendrobium kingianum orchid, also called as thelychiton kingianus, captain kings dendrobium, pink rock orchid, occurs naturally in an area along the east coast of australia between rockhampton in queensland and the hunter river in new southwales at elevations of 50 to 1200 meters. Dendrobium kingianum in kew science plants of the world online. Dendrobium is a genus of mostly epiphytic and lithophytic orchids in the family orchidaceae. Orchid, dendrobium upin king dendrobium daves garden. Dendrobium kingianum inferno plant information online. Flower closeup photo by eric hunt flower closeup pink photo by jay pfahl. While it is principally a lithophyte and found growing in large mats on exposed rock faces, it is also found in shady.

Dendrobium kingianum pink rock orchid captain kings. This rare alba strain is a more compact grower, with. A hugely diverse genus of plants native to southern asia and australia, with hybrids extending their diversity even further. Dendrobium kingianum den123 black beauty x inferno. Dendrobium kingianum bidwill ex lindley 1844 section dendrocoryne photo by wilford neptune plant grown and awarded to wilford neptune. Dendrobium mortii colourful flowers and the very thin diminutive leaves. A delightfully sweet raspberry fragrance graces this temperaturetolerant dendrobium species.

One of the easiest of all orchids to grow, these robust plants are carrying 810 canes and can easily double in. Orchids are among the most beautiful and unusual flowers in the world. In summer, about twice a week but never let them sit in water, says don. They have been used for religious ceremonies and decorative purposes for hundreds of years. Often referred to as tree orchids, dendrobiums are not difficult to manage and are best grown in a bushhouse. Dendrobium kingianum occurs naturally in an area along the east coast of australia between rockhampton in queensland and the hunter river in new southwales. Grow and care dendrobium kingianum thelychiton kingianus. Dendrobium kingianum has been transferred to the genus thelychiton by some authorities but the earlier name is retained here until the taxonomic situation becomes more clear. Dendrobium kingianum is a very common species in australia. The board of trustees of the royal botanic gardens, kew.

In both pics the reflexing nature of the petals and sepals is evident. Captain grant was accompanied by colonel fytche, the master planner of the city of rangoon. It is tolerant of temperatures in the hot to intermediate range and blooms almost continuously. Dendrobium kingianum australian species orchid archives. This variety has been widely used in breeding because of its all around good quality. Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about orchid, dendrobium upin king dendrobium supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at daves garden.

Dendrobium kingianum in world checklist of selected plant families. Forget wading through 20 pounds of bloated textbooks. Dendrobium kingianum pink rock lily this is possibly the best known and most variable of our native epiphytic orchids. Luxury coffee table hardcover hardcover january 1, 1995. Readily available form sale from online orchid specialists, dendrobium kingianum species and cultivars are a fragrant easy care orchid. In this video, i discuss culture and care for the dendrobium kingianum. It usually grows on rocks, rarely as an epiphyte, and has thin, spreading leaves and spikes of up to fifteen, usually pink flowers in late winter to spring. It has long, lance shaped but thin deep green glossy leaves that emerge on stalks from pseudobulbs. There are usually 3 to 6 thick leaves at the top of each pseudobulb.

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