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Triz theory of inventive problem solving software for excel sdi. The 40 triz principles are a list of known solutions. Triz is the russian acronym for the theory of inventive problem solving invented by genrich altshuller and developed from 1948 to 1998. Intro to 40 inventive principles applied to business triz. This method is based on triz, which was developed in the former soviet union by altshuller, who had analysis over 400,000 patents to build 40 inventive principles and contradiction matrix tool. Pdf method for transferring the 40 inventive principles to. Triz and software 40 principle analogies, a sequelthe triz journal. One of the ways to do it is to examine and benchmark across different service industries the best practices or service innovations, which imply the application of triz inventive principles. To arrive at improvement, triz uses 5 basic principles and 40 inventive principles.

Detailed description of triz functionality that is part of triptych software from. Pdf application of triz principles in software concepts. The 40 principles described in this book allow the development of numerous solution concepts for every technical problem without introducing a compromise. Software should be complex to have many features, but simple to be easy to learn.

Although there are many techniques for generating solutions or ideas free association, brainstorming, drawing analogies from other disciplines, futuring, etc. Multiple definitions for all 40 inventive principles over 75. Inside the triz, it is aiming to resolve any contradiction in the system by using the triz tools such as 40 principles, contradiction matrix, sufield analysis, etc. It enables trainees to learn triz interactively and to use triz tools. This new edition is much more powerful and will be easily understood by anyone looking to become a better problem solver. Mulching lawnmower yes, it demonstrates both principles 5 and 6, merging and universality. For example, consider the specific problem of a furniture store in a small building. Triz theory of inventive problem solving software for. According to triz, universal principles of creativity form the basis of. Pdf 40 inventive principles with applications in service. Most of the 40 principles are easy to learn, but the. Pdf conceptual design using axiomatic design in a triz.

See more ideas about problem solving, lean six sigma and inventions. Implementing a chosen concept still remains the work of an engineer. One of the first publications on the topic provided examples of innovations in service operations management for the most popular triz technique. Method for transferring the 40 inventive principles to information. This video is an introduction to the theory of inventive problem solvingtriz with a focus on the 40 inventive principles and how they can. Triz matrix 40 principles triz contradictions table. Studying these existing solutions can inspire you to solve new problems and imagine innovative solutions. Pdf innovative design method of product service system. Therefore, to better apply 40 inventive principles to service sector, a more tailored version of the principles might have to be created. Triz is a method for generating inventive solutions to conflicting engineering requirements. Triz has become an umbrella that covers a host of inventive concepts, tools and processes that are often used to solve difficult problems. Metrics improvements 40 inventive principles altshuller matrix original matrix from the work of genrich altshuller 10.

In this paper, i present 20 of the 40 inventive principle analogies of triz in the. Triz interactive matrix, triz 40 principles and 39 feature contradiction table. The application includes triz basic tools such as 40 inventive principles, separation principles and contradiction matrix. Triz doctor lite for ios free download and software. A transparent persistent object store voltage is potential. As before, this illustrated book of the triz 40 principles acts as a how to book for learning how the 40 principles are used developing solution concepts for technical contradictions. The inventive principles of triz are not only applicable to mechanical or technical field. Ccd charge coupled device with microlenses formed on the surface. A raid5 disk array that divides a file over multiple disks can retrieve and store the file faster as it is retrievedstored in parallel.

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